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Identify the Shopify theme by inspecting any Shopify store.
Simply type in the domain of a Shopify store.

Get Shopify theme templates for competitor stores from the Shopify theme finder.

Use Shopify Scraper powerful artificial intelligence shopify theme detector to automatically detect shopify theme from store information! Shopify Scraper utilizes AI software to extract the Shopify theme and its corresponding links directly from your competitor's store source code. Simply input the Shopify store, click "Detect," and observe the theme displayed on your screen tailored to your store

Obtain the Shopify theme swiftly identified by the Shopify Theme Detector within seconds. You can continue inputting multiple competitor stores until you acquire various themes. If you want, you can even use Shopify Scraper free shopfiy theme finder to click on the link to the shopify theme from the theme you get and then use this theme on your shopify site ; no need to use a third-party application Do everything on Shopify Scraper - directly from your browser. Our Shopify theme detection powered by artificial intelligence retrieves all details from the theme template.

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